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Marie Brown
I have been passionate about design, pretty much my whole life. Now I live it, breathe it, and dream it – everyday. 

It all started at age 5. My favorite toy was a two-story doll house. I played with that house for hours on end rearranging the furniture. But I had the most fun play acting with the little plastic family and pet figures. As I moved the figures around the rooms I learned about furniture placement and flow. Of course I didn't realize that then. I just knew I was having fun.

Fast forward to the future. My passion for design continued as I took great care to decorate all my living spaces and even help friends decorate theirs. I subscribed to all the design magazines and built up my home library with books about design and decorating. However, I chose a career path that was not design related. 

I simply could not submerge the passion. I continued to practice it as a sideline. At least until doing it as a sideline was no longer enough. 
I launched Eco-Chic Design in 2007 because I wanted to practice this passion for the rest of my life. I love being surrounded by paint chips, fabrics, and pages ripped from magazines. I love gathering flooring, tile, furniture images and countertop samples. I love working with clients to create spaces that will soothe the mind, body and soul of all that inhabit the space.

I plan on practicing my passion for a very long time because it makes me happy. Also, there is nothing better in this world than seeing a client smile and hearing them say how much they love what we have accomplished together.

What Happy Clients are Saying

"Marie is very easy to work with. I have an ongoing project (whole house as time and finances permit). She was up front about her pricing and what the pricing included. This was very helpful especially considering this was my first time to work with a designer. She is also flexible with how she does her work. I have three small children, so time is sometimes hard to come by. She accommodated my circumstances by sending her ideas via email. She is very timely in her responses to my many questions. I look forward to continuing our future projects together!"
"I had so much fun working with Marie. I was overwhelmed with all of the decorating choices I needed to make. She took me step by step and helped me pick everything out. Color for paint, drapes, rugs and decor ideas. She was amazing and had great ideas. I would highly recommend her."
"Marie with Eco-Chic Design helped design a few rooms in our house. She was very aware of the type of style we were looking for and came up with several different ideas and decor concepts. She has a lot of knowledge and recommended products I had never heard of. She had several connections to products and materials. Marie was easy to work with and was always able to meet budget expectations and timeliness. We would highly recommend Marie for any type of design assistance you may need. We look forward to using her again on future projects."  

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